Steget till kneget

What is Steget till kneget?

Steget till kneget is an activity that aims to prepare and support the students’ steps out into working life. This can be done in connection with an internship or VFU-period, or as a stand-alone workshop series for completed studies.


How it works?

Through a three-stage workshop process, students’ knowledge of the application documents they can be expected to submit to a potential workplace or internship is developed. Their ability to prepare for improvement is improved and the result is strengthened working life connection and increased employability.

Steget till kneget can advantageously be linked to the workshop series around personal development that we call “JUMP”. You can read more about this here.

WS 1 – The writing

At the first workshop, we go through different ways to write your CV and personal letter. What different themes exist and what should you consider?


WS 2 – The spoken word

In workshop two, we will take the competencies we have stated in our CV that we have to offer, and train on conveying it. How do you present yourself in a good way? How do you catch interest and what is important to convey about yourself? And what does a “elevator pitch” really mean?


WS 3 – The digital

The third time we meet we will look at our digital CV – Linkedin. How can you work with your Linkedin profile and what should you think about in your activity in this forum?

Does it sound interesting?

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