Information regarding the handling of personal data for the Division for Research and Education Support (FUS) at Mid Sweden University.


Data controller

Mid Sweden University is the controller for the process of your personal data.
Contact person at FUS is Head of Department Ludde Edgren,, 010-142 80 00 (switchboard). You can also contact the person responsible for the activity.

Purpose and registration of personal data

The task of FUS is to create the conditions and facilitate the interaction between the surrounding society and the Mid Sweden University. In order to arrange various activities, events and conferences, we need to collect and save personal information containing names, company / organization / training programs telephone and e-mail. In addition to the collection of written data, people might be identified through photography, filming and live streaming, which is carried out during most of our events, the purpose of which is to enable increased accessibility for all our students and surrounding society.

There must always be legal grounds for the processing of personal data. The most common ones at Mid Sweden University are:

  • that the processing of personal data is essential to complete a task of general interest or the exercise of authority, such as the examination of students. This can also include publishing of photos from an event, as we are obliged to inform the public about our activities.
  • that the processing of personal data is essential to comply with an agreement or a legal obligation.
  • that there is a consent from the registered person, for instance when registering for a conference.

If a person requests a copy of a public record containing your personal data, Mid Sweden University may do so, if they are public records. Your personal data are stored as long as required in accordance with the rules and regulations for public records and authorities´ archives.

Legal basis

The processing of your personal data is done because it is part of the Mid Sweden University’s obligation under the Higher Education Act, Chapter 1. § 2 to cooperate with the surrounding society and to inform about our activities and to promote the results of research at the university.

Disclosure of personal data

The Mid Sweden University is a public authority and may be required to disclose your personal information to the person requesting a public document. This is in accordance with the rules on public documents, unless they are confidential.


We see a need to save collected personal data for future purposes in order to contribute to social development, supply of skills, competence development, networking and exchange of experience or other social benefits.

Your personal data is also stored as long as it is required by the applicable legislation, for example law on public documents and authorities’ archives etc.

Questions or complaints

Mid Sweden University is responsible for the processing of personal data. Should you have any questions or complaints regarding our processing of personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Eva Rodin Svantesson,, +46 (0)10-142 80 00 (switchboard).

Alternatively, you can turn directly to your comments on the Mid Sweden University’s processing of your personal data to The Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA), or 08-657 61 00.

You can read more about The Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA) at