JUMP - I Develop My Potential

What is JUMP?

JUMP is an activity that aims to support the programs’ activities with placement training (VFU) or internship. The title JUMP aims at an ambition to promote students’ “hopes” into the labor market, but can also be read as an abbreviation of “I Develop My Potential”, in Swedish.


How does it work?

Through a three-stage workshop process, the students develop in dialogue with their respective programs. This is done in a systematic way through competence inventory, goal formulation and reflection. The result is strengthened working life connection and increased employability.

JUMP can advantageously be linked to a workshop series around practical job search knowledge that we call “Steget till kneget”. You can read more about this.

JUMP 1 content

Workshop JUMP 1 is held in conjunction with the students getting their first information about the upcoming internship period, often about 6 months before the start of the internship period.

We reflect on what they have to contribute to their upcoming internship, but also what qualities, knowledge and skills they can strengthen and develop during their internship period.


JUMP 2 content

JUMP 2 is held when the internship period is imminent and begins within about a month. The students know in most cases at which workplace they will do their internship and have / will start a dialogue with their prospective supervisor.

This time the students will work with goal formulation prior to the practice; We discuss what motivates them and what to think about in order to formulate smart, relevant goals.


JUMP 3 content

JUMP 3 is held when the students are re-assembled after the internship period.

In this final workshop, the students will reflect on the internship period and in what way they have been developed by this experience. What has happened to their characteristics, knowledge and skills they went into practice with?

Does it sound interesting?

Get in contact with Katarina.Olsen@miun.se at Division of Research and Educational Support (FUS)