Apply to the Mentorship Programme autumn 2021!

Do you have questions  regarding your work life or career that you would like to discuss with someone experienced? The Mentorship Programme is the opportunity for you as a student to, during six month meet a mentor and take part in valuable network of other peers and mentors.

The Mentorship programme starts two times per year and is primarily for you who are a program student from semester three and onward. Apply here for the opportunity to participate in this falls’s mentoring program by filling out the form below.

After submitted application you will be called for a shorter interview. It is important that you describe in your application why you are applying for the program as this together with your interview will be the base for the work of selecting mentees and matchning with a mentor. Please note that each programme has a limited number of places and that a selection will be made.

We look forward to receiving your application by 31th of May!

Good to know: The network meetings and seminars in the Mentorship Programme will be held in Swedish so it´s good to know a little bit of the language but you can always request a mentor that knows English or some other language so that your individual meetings can be held in the language you prefer.

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