Do you want to have fun and in the same time build a brighter future?
Then Digital Impact Day is something for you!

Innovation ability and entrepreneurial skills are in demand in the labor market. It’s all about being able to see opportunities, develop concepts and take ideas to implementation. By participating in our Digital Impact Day you as a student build valuable experience and merits for the future. You will train your mindset, thus creating impactful solutions for the future.

The client is an agency with a national mission and the assignment are, as usual, secret and will be presented on the morning of May 4th. But we can already reveal that the client has a “transformation – challenge” and a mission to make a difference for the future.

Registration is done individually, and you will be placed in virtual mixed teams with students from Sweden, Finland and Germany. You need access to the Internet and a computer with a camera. Everything you then need will be provided by the organizers during the day.

All participants will receive a certification and be invited to join the international innovation community BRIDGE – Brilliant Innovation through Digital Engagement.
Registration no later than April 25:th at 15:00 (Swedish time). Participation is limited so register as soon as possible.

If you have any questions contact the BRIDGE team:

Karolina Rosdahl, Mid Sweden University

Lars Brehm, Munich University of Applied Science

Jere Siivonen, Tampere University of Applied Science

Cordially invited!


Who's Attending

17 people are attending DIGITAL IMPACT DAY

  • Elin Grunedal Valsberg
  • Lisabet Lindbäck
  • Elise Backman
  • Emil Vestin
  • Sanna Starborg
  • Mari Weckman
  • Suong Tran
  • sarahfm
  • Beatris Palm
  • linapaquin
  • Tom Hasler
  • Shafir Sabbag
  • Dalila Casanova
  • Enrique Moran
  • Johan Thyni
  • Mona Modin
  • Huy Thanh Nguyen


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