Resume (CV) Workshop

Pre Day is an opportunity for you to prepare for Mötesplats Campus. All students at Mid Sweden University are welcome to participate! Be sure to attend the inspiring lecture and workshop (in English) where you will receive tips and advice on how to compose an attention catching and professional resume (CV).

Should you include a photograph on your resume? Should you write about the internship you had a few years ago? What counts as working life experience? All these questions and more will be addressed during the lecture!

Students who pre-register will even be eligible for a sandwich served during the lecture. Don’t miss out, sign-up today! Last day to pre-register is 2 March.

Resume (CV) Workshop

Transform your resume from drab to fab!

Welcome to a Workshop with Julia and her colleagues from Unionen. They are experts who work with reading and evaluating job applications. If you want to increase the attractiveness of your resume, Julia and her colleagues will show you what you need to know to write your next application. You will even have the chance to receive feedback on your current CV. If you already have a resume, don’t hesitate to bring it along. Your chance at success starts today!

About Unionen

Unionen is Sweden’s largest trade union on the private labour market and the largest white-collar trade union in the world. They have more than 640 000 members, of which 30 000 are elected representatives, in over 60 000 companies and organizations. Unionen has members in everything from major international Groups to small family companies. Their vision is to create security, success and satisfaction in working life.

Reserv your seat

By registering, you will have a reserved seat for the lecture and workshop. The lecture is between 12.15-13.00 and the workshop is between 13.00-16.00. If you have class during the afternoon you can just attend the lecture. During the afternoon you will have the opportunity to work with your resume, to sit with professionals that know the do and don’ts of a good CV. The number of seats is limited. First come, first serve! Last day to pre-register is 2 March.

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