Välkommen till Mittuniversitetets Campus on Tour IT! Följ med på besök till tre arbetsgivare i vår stad. Under dagen blir du bjuden på fika och lunch.
Take this opportunity to participate in a creative day activity where you solve challenges of the future in a group with other students from Sweden, Finland and Germany! This time, Digital Impact Day is carried out digitally, has exciting expert panel members, and a secret client who provides a “transformation – challenge” and a mission to make a difference for the future. It will be a day where you train your abilities to create change and impact!
Välkommen att delta på ett webbaserat Frukosthäng där Miun Innovation sätter Innovation och företagande i fokus. Denna gång har vi glädjen att välkomna SEB som delar med sig sina kunskaper om hållbart företagande. Miun Innovations ledord: "A sustainable world is our only future. We at Miun Innovation are convinced that students, researchers and staff hold many keys to this future. By inspiring and stimulating their ideas, we want to free up development processes into solutions that are useful in society."
Följ med på en spännande busstur till Åre Business Forum på Copper Hill
Welcome to a basic workshop where we talk about how to prepare for Mötesplats Campus or similar networking opportunities.
This workshop is at a basic level where we will go through and discuss; Why should you have a Linkedin profile? How to build a Linkedin profile? How can you work with Linkedin?
This workshop is at a basic level where we will go through and practise; How to introduse ourselves in a good way? How to catch the recruiters interest and what is important to tell about yourself? What is an "elevator pitch”? What should you keep in mind before, during and after an interview? 
Welcome to a basic workshop where we talk about what to keep in mind when writing your CV and application letters.
Välkommen att delta på en webbaserat inspirationsföreläsning med Ingela Fanqvist, Månadens alumn för december 2021!
Salinda Hettiarachchi, Alumni of the Month, November 2021, shares his exciting journey from Sri Lanka to becoming a recent graduate from Mid Sweden University.